The University of Melbourne has a rich and fascinating past. Every building, every department, and every period of time has its own story. While some of these stories have been recounted many times over, a great number remain yet unwritten.

Founded in 1853 two years after Victoria separated from New South Wales and the discovery of rich deposits of gold, the University was established to the north of Melbourne. + EXPAND

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Brief biographical sketches of remarkable individuals associated with the University of Melbourne since its foundation in 1853. Researched and compiled by Juliet Flesch and Peter McPhee, as part of the University’s 160th celebrations.

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In Search of Lost Time

Joseph Holko

So, I came seeking for truth in the groves of academe. On arrival at the gates, I collided with an old acquaintance by the name of Rowan Doubleday. Rowan taught philosophy. He  was a man so fully submerged in his scholarly pursuits that he had the mien of a person who wasn’t really there when you were talking to him, as if he could exercise a metaphysical right to disappear at  any moment that suited him…

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The University has a long and important history of philanthropy. It is a history that has enabled the university to extend into new fields of research, provided new buildings and facilities, and scholarships and prizes to encourage access to education and excellence.