The University of Melbourne has a rich and fascinating past. Every building, every department, and every period of time has its own story. While some of these stories have been recounted many times over, a great number remain yet unwritten.

Founded in 1853 two years after Victoria separated from New South Wales and the discovery of rich deposits of gold, the University was established to the north of Melbourne. + EXPAND

University Awards

Bronze plaques interspersed along Professors Walk on the Parkville campus of the University of Melbourne acknowledge recipients of the University of Melbourne Award. 


The Award recognises those individuals who have made an outstanding and enduring contribution to the University and its scholarly community. This includes academic and professional staff members who, through their professional work, teaching, research, scholarship, or institutional leadership, have contributed to the University’s advancement as a public education institution and contributed to the intellectual and public life of the broader community.

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Anzac Lectures

In 2015 the University of Melbourne is convening a series bringing together some of Melbourne’s most iconic cultural institutions to consider how, after one hundred years, the changes ushered in during the First World War still resonate today.

It follows in the footsteps of past Australian academics, who presented public lectures in 1915 to help make sense of the conflict.

The centenary lectures are held in partnership with the Shrine of Remembrance, National Gallery of Victoria and Museum Victoria.

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The University has a long and important history of philanthropy. It is a history that has enabled the university to extend into new fields of research, provided new buildings and facilities, and scholarships and prizes to encourage access to education and excellence.